Maintenance Plans

Keep your computers and files safe, secure and reliable is critical to your business infrastructure. We offer monthly and quarterly routine service and maintenance plans.

Special discounts on annual contracts.


SERVICE OPTIONS Monthly or Quarterly

Obtain and install Operating System Updates and Security Patches

Install available software updates

Check that the anti-virus is updated and running

Check for spyware

Ensure configured backups are functioning

Validate backup data - test restoration and spot check to make sure files are not corrupted

Remove dust from internal computer components

Test UPS (battery backup) - make sure battery works and holds charge

Remove all Internet "trash" from the hard drive

Remove unwanted programs

Optimize the start menu, quicklaunch and desktop items

Maintain hard drive integrity and file system

Optimize system settings for peek performance

Make maintenance recommendations - such as check for dead or noisy fans, hard drives, surge strips should be replaced every year, battery backups

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