Computer Training

We offer essential computer training. Need to know how to setup a spreadsheet? The best way to search for files? How to organize and play music? We offer custom personal training for a wide range of Operating Systems and software:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS X



30 minutes of training on your PC and related topics (e.g. software, basic PC skills, digital photo, digital video, digital music, etc.)

60 minutes of training on your PC and related topics.

Lessons in how to navigate inside your OS

General overview: how to work with your program and devices and demonstrate some typical computer commands and options

Basic to web browser usage

Overview of software included with the OS

Demonstration of accessing, managing and playing your digitial music and photos

Training is typically limited to common OS graphical user software and does not include lessons on advanced or less common software repair, configuration or programming. Session time is limited to the amount included in the package of your choice. For additional time and other advanced needs, please contact us for hourly rates.

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