Backup & Online Storage

Digital data is always at risk from a myriad of threats including electrical surges (caused by electrical events like lightning), viruses, old computer hardware and operator error. File corruption usually arrives without warning. Be prepared and have peace of mind: let us hook you up with a solid backup solution.

We offer an online backup service that provides daily backups to a secure, redundant service, allowing you to recover your valuable files anytime.

We also configure an external drive and software for quick access to local backups (an excellent additional option for heavy computer users and users with many files)

Stay protected: Consider buying our maintenance contract. We’ll check your comptuer monthly to ensure your backups are still functioning properly, as well as offer cleaning and system maintenance to keep your computer system in top shape

On-Site Service Options

  • Installation and configuration of online data backup
  • Installation and configuration of one external hard drive and software (sold separately) for local backups
  • Setup a compatible schedule to meet your backup needs
  • Initial backup of your data to the backup system
  • Demonstrate the system and show you how to maintain the backup and recover files
  • Additional external drive